Grow your direct bookings overnight.

Increased Conversion Rate? Yes Please. 

The Tourflow Social Proof widget shows your website visitors recent booking and review activity in real-time.

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It's like a line outside a popular restaurant, but for your website.


Social Proof Matters Now More Than Ever.​

Let your visitors know they aren’t alone when considering your products. Including social proof on your site helps people feel comfortable consider a purchase. Now more than ever, your credibility matters.


Let Your Recent Bookings Speak For You.

You’ve probably already seen it on your favorite hotel booking sites. When someone visits your website, we show them what was recently purchased and how long ago it was purchased. The subtleness doesn’t detract from your website content, but the messaging echoes in the visitor’s mind. It tells your visitors that other people are booking, and so should they.


Show Off Your Glowing Reviews.

You work hard to get your 5-star reviews, so why not make them work for you? We’ll grab your latest glowing review and put it in front of your potential customers to reinforce the products you’ve worked so hard to create.


Create Urgency With Your Booming Business.

You’ve got website visitors, but the hardest part is getting them to convert. Tell them that they need to make a purchase now or they’ll miss out by showing them how many other people are making purchases.

“Tourflow has been invaluable in letting our website visitors know that we are open for business and taking bookings.”

Ruixi Hu, Founder

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