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Tour Intelligence

Finally, you can have all of the information you need to run your business in a single place, updated in real-time.

Get More From Your Data

Our Dashboards & Data Analytics platform provides unprecedented insight into all of the data sources you already use – including your booking system, website analytics, online reviews, customer feedback surveys, and so much more. Our data support & services team will work with you to integrate all the data you need.

Our Core Modules

Regardless of what systems you’re using, we’ll bring all of that data into one place. Why? Chances are, the reservation technology that you’re using doesn’t provide you with the reports and analysis that your business needs – drowning you in endless spreadsheets.

Our standard report modules are designed to help you understand and grow your business.


Your Morning Brief. Delivered.

No longer be limited by the standard reports in your booking system. Understand your KPIs with at-a-glance access to things like order channels and trends, tour capacity, new reviews, and the average net ticket price for each product.


Get More Five Star Reviews

One place for insight into reviews that are received on multiple platforms. It allows you to ensure your review rate (total reviews / total guests) is on target and helps you improve guide performance.


Increase Fill Rates & Maximize Profits.

Get complete visibility into sold-out and single-booking tour dates. Armed with this insight, you can increase profit by adding new tour sessions on dates that are sold out, and rescheduling single-booking guests to a different date.


Margin Transparency.

Trying to grow your profit margins? Understanding how your net ticket price (revenue per person after commission and discounts) changes over time by channel is crucial to growing your revenue. Adapt your OTA distribution strategy by understanding how your net revenue by channel impact your overall revenue.

Ready to Get Started?

Our goal is to help your business rebound. We’re currently offering complimentary set-up (a savings of up to $1000) along with a 30-day free trial. No pressure, cancel anytime.

Get in touch with our technical support & services team for a free demo to see how we can re-imagine your data.

Global Customers Using Tourflow to Grow Their Bookings:

"Tourflow has taught me so much about how the data from my business can be used to inform decisions. Their customer service is outstanding and I feel like the fundamentals of my website are now well set up to drive sales."

Monique, Walk Melbourne

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